Plastic Surgery that Your Health Insurance Covers


Plastic Surgery that health insurance covers includes of course repair of injuries, cancer repair and eradication, and repair of congenital deformities such as cleft lip and palate. But beyond these entities there are many conditions that may be partially or completely covered that are usually consider cosmetic or semi cosmetic.. These conditions include reduction of huge breasts, correction of breast injury, painful capsule contraction about an implant of the breast, breathing problems and nasal septal deviation, vision obstruction by heavy eyelids or drooping brows, facial paralysis correction, drooping uncomfortable lower eyelids,very prominent Obama type ears, hair restoration after injury, correction of underarm wetness. correction of wetness of the hands, correction of huge lipodystrophies anywhere on the body, correction of umbilical (belly button) hernias during a tummy tuck, correction of large skin excesses after large weight loss, to name a few. When patients with these problems are seen pictures and history are documented and sent to the insurance company for review. It is important to meet and follow the requirements of your insurance company. Usually the authorization comes before surgery but exact amounts to be paid usually are not set till review post surgery. Usually the whole arrangement is fair but varies. The last entity to be covered is insurance coverage after pure cosmetic surgery.  In California coverage is mandatory for cosmetic surgery  complications but in some states special purchased insurance is needed. It is not wise to have any pure cosmetic surgery if you do not have insurance. Big complications are rare but do occur and can be costly. You could be required to pay out of your own pocket should you end up back in surgery for bleeding or infection. Soon we will all have Obama care. Will this cove cosmetic surgery? Government insurance does in Brazil and some other countries. It may cover cosmetic surgery but as of now we do not know. Will Obama care cover complications of pure cosmetic surgery. I feel certain it will but we do not know. If a surgeon lures you into surgery by saying that insurance will cover be sure to get it in writing including the dollar amount. Unfortunately deception and luring still occurs. So that is about it. I am sure there are other covered entities and when discovered I will write about them in future blogs. My Very Very Best Always, Dr C   650.328.4570


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