Plastic Surgery and the risk for blood clots (DVT)


Nothing will eliminate your risk.  The way to treat patients is to stratify their risk and institute measures that are appropriate based on your risk profile.   For low risk patients early ambulation is instituted.  For moderate risk patients, early ambulation plus intraoperative sequential compression stockings.  For higher risk patients, early ambulation, sequential compression stockings and graduated compression stockings (TED hose) before and after surgery.  For the next higher risk category all of the above mentioned treatments plus subcutaneous low molecular weight heparin.  Short operations with appropriate consideration of your risk will reduce the chance of DVT. Despite the low risk profile of most of our patients, we treat all of them with at least early ambulation and sequential compression stockings.  If you want to add TED hose, ask your doctor.  This will further reduce your risk.

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San Antonio Plastic Surgeon