Plastic Surgery and Feeling Confident


Plastic Surgery and Feeling Confident! 

Countless people wonder what they would feel like if they opted to have plastic surgery, and correct that "thing" about themselves that they simply wish were different. Will having that particular procedure or enhancement change their life, or better yet, change the way people see and think about them?

We'd like to think that what matters most is simply how someone feels about themself. We'd also like to think that people are going to love them and see them as beautiful, for the beautiful person that they are, and not for some form of cosmetic change. But for those that simply want something changed, enhanced or returned to a more youthful appearance, then yes...plastic surgery can be a mood enhancer, confidence booster and self-esteem elevator! The bottom line is this...if getting the "monkey off their back" (the "thing" about themselves that they obsess over and can't seem to get past) helps free up their mind, body and spirit to find more happiness. Allowing their focus to be on happier things clearly makes plastic surgery a great option for most!

Some people are simply content with their appearance and never seek a change, and that indeed is terrific! However, an increasing number of people are choosing to have plastic surgery to change what they deem as physical imperfections, and this is "ok" too.

Improving their self-esteem, which then leads to a better quality of life and enhanced, more open relationships often is the result of surgery. Being happier shows, from the inside out.  Patients may experience a more inhibited behavior if they are feeling insecure.

Dr. Lo has been told over and over again by our patients that having their "plastic surgery has not only "set them free" of that thing that was bothering them about themselves, it has also boosted their confidence, allowing their relationships to grow to new levels of happy and closeness."

Many patients go on to enjoy feeling more motivated to take on new exercise programs, they are more conscious way of eating. Thus, the sudden boost in their appearance creates such a feeling of joy, they want to keep on working on themselves and thankfully, exercise and healthy eating often follows! Changing your physical attributes undoubtedly will change your outlook on life. If one feels more comfortable in their own skin, then their outlook on life is bound to change as well.

A common "confidence booster" that Dr. Lo performs for women is Labiaplasty surgery, the trimming of tissue in the vaginal area. Some women are simply born with discolored labia tissue, excess labia tissue, large labia, disproportionate or uneven labia minora (the tissue between the labia majora). For women who have had children, this can be especially true, as her body might have changed not only in the vaginal area, but in numerous ways. For some mothers, their body may have changed so much that they are simply no longer comfortable in their own skin. Many women complain of being uncomfortable in their clothes, self conscious wearing tights or leggings.

Many women have the Labiaplasty surgery done, as well as the tummy tuck, liposuction, or a breast implants, to get their youthful body and shape back. 

A common "confidence booster" that Dr. Lo offers men is the correction of "man boobs", or 

Gynecomastia surgery. Often, men complain they are not comfortable "taking off their shirt" due to the condition of puffy nipples and excess breast tissue. Many men try working out in hopes of getting rid of it, and some even go their entire adult lives feeling self- conscious and avoiding circumstances where they would take their shirt off! 

In a new European study announced Monday, researchers found that "post-op, plastic surgery patients generally report a boost in self-confidence and enjoyment of life. Compared to those who had chosen not to have plastic surgery, the patients who opted for surgery felt healthier, were less anxious, had developed more self-esteem and found the operated body feature in particular, but also their body as a whole, more attractive," the researchers wrote. "No adverse effects were observed."

Results appear in the journal Clinical Psychological Science.

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