Plastic Surgery Evaluations


Nowadays with technology and massive publicity, patients request for a surgery evaluations by photos. Photos appreciation are imprecise; physical examination is accurate in which we could study the skin, its conditions and determined exactly what to do. Plastic Surgery is not what you want to hear, it is what suits you and what really need to be done. Plastic surgery is not a catalog where you say: “I like that dress”, you buy it and usually when it gets home doesn’t fit or you don´t like it. Pictures evaluations especially in patients living abroad are an important guidance but don’t determine the final assessment. Don’t base your decision in before and after pictures, these could be taken by reference of what you want to achieve, but it must be clear that each body reacts and evolves different to a surgical procedure; everyone is different and results are not the same in every person. Always put yourself into hands that transmit you confidence, security and experience. If you are interested in doing surgery in DR verify that your surgeon is in the Dominican Society of Plastic Surgery (SODOCIPRE). 
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon