Plastic Surgery consultation questions for the doctor only


George Commons, MD Plastic Surgery
Questions to ask your plastic surgeon at your consultation.
1. Are you certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and if not why not? (Do not accept any excuses).
2. Are you a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons? (All real surgeons are Fellows so accept no excuses) (FACS after name)
3. Do you have full privilege to do my surgery at a major local hospital? (Again all real surgeons do have this)
4. Where did you receive your training in plastic surgery and for how many years. (Real plastic surgeons take 7 to 10 years of surgical training at a major university.)
5. Is your operating facility certified by a major certifying organization and is it equal to a local major hospital operating room. (Major certifying bodies include Quad A and JCHS. Demand to see the certification diploma and ask for a copy of that diploma.)
6. Is an MD anesthesiologist present at all surgeries at all times.? (If the answer is no go elsewhere)
7. Are Registered Nurses in attendance at all surgeries at all times. (If not go elsewhere)
8. Are Licensed Surgical Technicians in attendance at all surgeries and will they be at my surgery? (If not go elsewhere)
9. Does the operating facility have contracts with local hospital for immediate transfer of all patients if necessary?
10. How often does the surgeon do the operation you are considering?
11. How many operations like the one your considering has the surgeon done. Do they have photographs and can they prove their claims?
12. What are the complication of the surgery you are considering?
13. Ask the surgeon if they have ever had any complications in their surgery. (If they so no, leave)
14. Has the surgeon kept current with Continuing Medical Education as required b the state of California.
15. Is the surgeon a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery.
16. Is the surgeon a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
17. Is the surgeon a member of the local and state Medical Societies or are they just traveling surgeons floating from place to place?
18. Does the surgeon have a license to practice medicine in the state of California? (Don’t laugh….some do not)
19. How many procedures like the one you are considering has the surgeon done and can they prove it.
20. Who takes call for the surgeon after hours and is another surgeon available 100% of the time.
21. Does the surgeon give you their office phone number, their home phone number, their cell phone number, and their person email. This should be given to all patients for easy access. If the answer is no go elsewhere.
22. Make a checklist of these questions and get them answered. Then check them off if ok or not ok. This will help you have a productive consultation.
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