4 Little Places Liposuction Can Make a Big Difference


Although some non-invasive body contouring procedures are becoming more popular,  liposuction still carries some advantages over CoolSculpting® and similar nonsurgical alternatives. This is primarily because the effectiveness of lipo is not limited to the stomach, hips and thighs but can produce beautiful, dramatic results in smaller (and sometimes surprising) places elsewhere on the body.
1. Under the Chin
When excess fat deposits settle under the chin, the dreaded double chin can develop and give the entire face an older, heavier appearance. These fat deposits are often completely resistant to diet and exercise, making a liposuction a great solution for slimming the neck and rejuvenating your appearance.
2. Upper Arms
Having upper arms that keep on waving after you've said your goodbyes can be more than embarrassing enough to keep you away from sleeveless tops or dresses. If the skin on your upper arms has a good amount of elasticity, you may be a perfect candidate for upper arm lipo to enhance muscular definition that complements your entire appearance.
3. “Bra Bulge”
Even if you're wearing the proper bra size, excess fat deposits around your bra straps can create bra bulges that look lumpy under your clothing. Liposuction can be used to beautifully slim and contour the front and back of your upper body so that the area around your bra is completely smooth and seamless.
4. Cankles
“Cankles” are so dubbed when there’s not enough transition between calves and ankles, resulting in a bulky rather than tapered look. Liposuction can restore more definition to this area and contour the lower leg. As a result, the entire leg appears slimmer and shapelier, so patients can once again feel confident baring their lower legs. 
Article by
Folsom Plastic Surgeon