Otoplasty or Ears surgery


Otoplasty or as it is known, ear surgery, is a surgery that involves the restructuring of the auricle; Where the deformities of this part of the body can appear from a very remarkable projection until the total absence of the ear.

The most frequent type of intervention is the operation of detached ears (separate, prominent, blowing, looping). In traditional methods an incision is made behind the ear to expose and remodel the cartilage.

Today there are new techniques for Otoplasty without incisions and you will simply use permanent sutures that are placed behind the ear under the skin to help keep the new shape of the ear in place.

This surgical procedure does not improve the hearing of the patient, since the ear is not intervened, but it enhances the beauty and elevates the self-esteem.


The Post-Operative Otoplasty

The recovery of this procedure is extremely fast, your plastic surgeon should explain in detail how to treat the area, and although it may be a little uncomfortable at first to wear this area blindfold, the purpose is to protect it from external agents, and that recovery is best.

Regarding the hygienic care that has to be carried out, in order to keep the area disinfected. After the first 2 or 3 days pass, the permanent dressing will be removed and a specific one will be used for the night, which is much more comfortable and discreet for the patient.

Swelling and headaches are common symptoms, especially the first, and will go forward with the passage of weeks. While the return to work (or school) occurs after 1 week, the final results, can be checked after 3 or 4 weeks, when the swelling has disappeared, and its shape and size is obtained after surgery.

Dr. Tania Medina

Article by
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon