Offering free eBook about the miraDry procedure


As our experience has evolved, we are recommending that patients sign up for 1 treatment at a time - having done this procedure since 2011, my experience is that the vast majority achieve satisfactory sweat reduction witha SINGLE miraDry session. .

86% of our patients require only a SINGLE miraDry procedure.

So, instead of charging the full amount up front, we charge $ 1500 for the first treatment and leave it up to the patient to schedule a second treatment as needed. The second treatment is an additional $ 1500.

Importantly, ask the physician, where appropriate, to treat you at level 5 so that you have the maximal outcome - most effective as it is the highest safe energy delivery.

We are the only Platinum Level Provider for miraDry in Western New York.

our free ebook was the first book published about the miraDry procedure (May 12, 2012) and can be accessed on our website HyperhidrosisClinic dot com

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