5 Cosmetic Treatment Predictions for 2016


Every new year holds unforetold innovations and offers the opportunity to reveal treatment truths. The question is, what will 2016 bring? These are my predictions:

Manicured Men
Attractiveness matters. And not just to women. We’re living in a new era that features the “manicured” man. Botox, facelifts, eye lifts and more are ultimately confidence boosters. And since confidence = success, 2016 has definitely got more in store for men at the cosmetic surgeon’s office!

Win With Skin
You’ve heard about the skin benefits of Botox and fillers: They’re used to soften lines and plump the skin. On the surgical side, you can get similar benefits with a nip and tuck. But the real secret to anti-aging? It’s improving the quality of the skin itself. My prediction for the New Year is a growing demand for treatments such as PRP (platlet rich plasma) therapy, laser resurfacing, and energy treatments (radio frequency, Ultherapy) that do more than just mask the signs of aging skin. They actually stimulate collagen and elastin, which are the structural building blocks of youthful skin.

Resurgence of the Facelift
Don’t mistake today’s surgical facelift as the drastic high-and-tight version your grandmother may have had decades ago. The fact is, there are many less drastic surgical ways to give the face exactly the lift it needs, and I believe 2016 will be the year that this concept will become pervasive.

CoolSculpting Carries On
Non-surgical fat reduction with CoolSculpting is here to stay. It’s a proven way to safely and effectively treat stubborn pockets of fat. That said, it also has limitations with patient selection. For some patients, liposuction is simply the better treatment.

Double Chin Double Take
If 2015 was the year of positive anticipation about Kybella, the non-surgical injectable fat dissolver for double chins, 2016 will be the year we hear about the real deal with Kybella: It’s painful, expensive, causes swelling and bruising, and requires more than one treatment. When you hear about all of that, liposuction starts to sound like a pretty good alternative. After all, it remains the gold standard!

Article by
Shrewsbury Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon