Welcome to the New Age of Imaging


Oh, to have the ability to actually see your results before you commit to breast implants. To be able to see yourself—a three-dimensional you, the real you from every angle—enhanced to what-could-be through surgery.
Truth be told, who wouldn’t want that opportunity? As a culture, we spend so much time second-guessing even our desire for cosmetic enhancements or corrections. When we see patients at their initial consult, often they want to be told that what they want is possible.
Until very recently, cosmetic surgeons could only help their patients visualize themselves post-surgery through before-and-after photos of other women’s bodies, or with testimonials. Yet nothing could really help patients see what their very own body could look like.
Through the VECTRA ® 3D system, patients can finally see realistic previews of their post-op bodies prior to surgery.
The amazing part about the VECTRA® is that it’s not just for breast augmentation. Rhinoplasty patients, people who are considering chin implants, even those who are interested in body contouring can all take a digital look at what a change would look like. So good is this technology, we have the ability to adjust sizing and re-sculpt the images during your consultation, so when you enter our surgical suite, both you and your surgeon have the same expectations for the results.
With stunningly real imagery and the ability to speak one on one with your board certified plastic surgeon the fear of the unknown with cosmetic surgery is becoming obsolete. The question is, what are you waiting for?

Article by
South Bend Plastic Surgeon