What is Neograft?


Modern hair transplantation has been performed since the early 1930s.Originally large units of hair were transplanted. This however led to a dolls hair appearance of the transplanted hair. In the 1980s surgeons began transplanting 2-4 hair follicular units which gave a more natural appearance. The hair was harvested in a large strip from the back of the head which led to a large scar. The strip was then sectioned into individual grafts which required extensive handling and cutting the follicles.
In late 2000s the Neograft machine was introduced. This machine revolutionized hair transplant. The Neograft works by extracting the follicular units one at a time. This leads to minimal scaring and very little pain. The machine is essentially a large needle with a vacuum attached to it. The needle goes around the hair follicle and loosens it from the scalp. The vacuum then extracts the hair and places it into a sterile vessel. There is minimal handling of the follicle so there is less trauma and better survival of the transplanted hairs.
Recently robotic hair transplants have been performed. The machine is similar to Neograft but has a computer to evaluate the donor site. In my estimation, similar to robotic general surgery, this is a clever (and very expensive) marketing technique.There are parts of surgery that should be done with human thought not a robot and the harvest is one of them.
At Look Natural Hair Transplants we are proud to offer hair transplants with Neograft exclusively. Our years of experience have allowed us to witness the evolution of hair transplant. We believe this is the ONLY method of hair transplantation that should be done today. From the minimal scarring and pain to handling of the grafts there is no better method available today. Take advantage of Neograft today!

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Atlantic City Plastic Surgeon