Mommy Makeover


On several occasions I have said that there is nothing more beautiful than motherhood, but the price the woman pay for this gift of God is her body. If we add to motherhood poor diet, sedentary lifestyle and lack of discipline, the result will be reflected in your figure, your abdominal muscles, in your back, in the end, your entire anatomy.
The good news is that if you make the decision to change your life, we are in the disposition to help. This is a two-way street, a responsibility both yours and the surgeon who will treat you; that is, the commitment that you should take is 50% and the surgeon the other 50%. Note the importance I give to your role, if you do not put your total attitude and effort into changing, the results will not be as expected. After surgery you will lose many measures, final results will be after two months, but if you do not have discipline, you will gain weight. Your commitment is not only writing it into a surgical release form, your mental commitment is the most important.
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon