How many miraDry sessions is needed to successfully treat axillary hyperhidrosis?


As our experience has evolved, we are recommending that patients sign up for 1 treatment at a time - having done this procedure since 2011, my experience is that the vast majority achieve satisfactory sweat reduction witha SINGLE miraDry session. .

86% of our patients require only a SINGLE miraDry procedure.

So, instead of charging the full amount up front, we charge $ 1500 for the first treatment and leave it up to the patient to schedule a second treatment as needed. The second treatment is an additional $ 1500.

Importantly, ask the physician, where appropriate, to treat you at level 5 so that you have the maximal outcome - most effective as it is the highest safe energy delivery.

We are the only Platinum Level Provider for miraDry in Western New York.

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Buffalo Phlebologist