Men in the Workplace: Does Your Face Inspire Trust or Just Label You an Old Man?


Yes, men are getting Botox, fillers and surgery too. This isn’t news. They have been for years. Never mind that women still outnumber us more than 9 to 1 when it comes to cosmetic treatments, the fact is that the number of guys walking through my doors is growing. Anyone will tell you that the primary driver is to be “more competitive” in the workplace. But what exactly does that mean? 

A recent article published by CNBC finally nailed down one of the specific battles men face today as they age: the balance between looking old enough to be “experienced” and young enough to be tech savvy. And if you work in a client-based profession, it can become a matter of trust that either makes or breaks your professional success.

“My clients are getting younger and younger… they want to work with experienced people, but not people who look like their parents.” That’s what one real estate agent told writer Bob Sullivan. And, yes, it’s made him a regular cosmetic surgery patient.

While your parents may have trusted the wise old money manager, you don’t want to look like that wise old guy anymore. It’s a different world with a pretty big technological divide between the generation that grew up with rabbit ears and landlines and the one that can’t imagine a world without smartphones. And the stereotype of how much you know (and keep up with) the latest and greatest in the digital space is (unfortunately) reinforced by how young (or old) you look. 

Like it or not, first impressions are now made online, not with the first handshake. And in a society obsessed with youth, even if you know how to use the latest digital technologies and social media platforms, the “age” of your face could be the difference between inspiring trust or losing that client. Remember hearing “dress for the job you want” when you were trying to climb the corporate ladder? Now it’s “look young enough to know what you’re doing digitally” for the older generation.

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