Medina's tip of the day! 


Medina's tip of the day!
Do I qualify for any kind of lift? *Breast lift with augmentation*
The breasts are an essential part of every woman. These have always been distinguished by a sensual female zone, associated with natural beauty.
It is important that every patient, following the directions and recommendations of your surgeon know that depending on the situation in which the breast is found, the surgery must be performed with the scars that are necessary in order to get a nicer way and durable appearance. After a few months, the scars successfully evolve and become virtually unnoticed.
There are four main techniques for mastopexy: (With or Without Implants)
Periareolar (around the areola) is used when the fall of the breast is slight.
Circumvertical: This technique is reserved for moderate sagging. In this surgery an incision around the areola and a vertical scar that runs from the areola until about 1-2 cm above the breast crease or groove is made.
Incision in LJ: It is a similar to the anchor incision, which collects more tissue from the sides, through an incision around the areola, vertical-shaped LJ and lift the breasts in the same way, also around the areola.
The inverted T (Anchor): When the sagging is severe breast should make an incision around the areola, a vertical and a horizontal incision in the groove of the breast.
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