Medina's Tip of the day!


Medina's Tip of the day!
What's the best type of post surgical massage? Are they Effective?
I always recommend my barbies to have a peaceful recovery. I know that sometimes we can get stressed out after surgery, we're emotional, and that's understandable when our bodied get trough a lot!
Regular massages are performed to increase oxygen and nutrients on our bodies. During this shooting cycle, our bodies get into rest and relaxation time, most of the times that we have them by another person.
When we're talking about Lymphatic drainage massages, we have to know that the Lymph is a liquid in the body that helps fight disease, and during a lymphatic drainage massage, light strokes are used to help move this fluid around the body and drain excess lymph.
These massages has to be performed by a professional and they're not used for weight loss... They're going to help you during your healing process and to get rid of swollen after surgery.
Love, Dr. Medina
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