Medina's Tip of the day!


Medina's Tip of the day!

Do every patient qualify for abdominal etching or athletic liposuction?

This technique is another way to do liposuction. This type of lipo was created for all the *ideal* patients that want to have a change in their abdominal area, with a chiseled appearance and defined abs.

If you had surgery before, like tummy tuck or traditional liposuction, you have to consult with your surgeon if you apply for this kind of surgery.

Patients that are already athletic and have pronounced muscular structure are the best candidates for this procedure, because is a benefit. Candidates of abdominal etching or athletic lipo, should have a good muscle tone or already have abdominal muscles, because this surgery highlights those muscles located on your abdomen, by removing small fat deposits that usually hide them.

If you have extra skin or much fat, you're not a candidate for these procedures.

Love, Dr. Medina
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