Medina's Tip of the day!


Medina's Tip of the day!
How can I get rid of my drainage after surgery?
First, you have to follow all the recommended instructions from your surgeon. Also, you need to know that "Drainage Lymphatic Massages" are extremely necessary for your body for many reasons.
Because of your body is full of liquid, you need to have those massages to help the liquid to move around your body. I know is painful but you need to do it, if not.. You can get a ''Seroma'', which is an accumulation of liquid.
It is very important for you to have at least 10 massages after surgery, the first one has to start the day after your procedure. One massage per day is the recommendable. If you follow all the instructions, you will feel less sore and less swollen in less time..
Drink a lot of liquid to help the drainage to DRAIN more, have a cup of tea the first night of surgery, then eat a mash, with a little bit of water, and then you can continue consuming liquid to get better day by day!!
The drainage has to be removed when it's draining less than 50 cc's in 24 hours.
Love, Dr. Medina
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