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  • Medina's tip of the day!How to prevent infections before liposuction?

    You have to know that every body has infections, but we have to prevent these to come out before our surgery, and also to prevent our bodies to have them during our recovery,

    Patients from USA have a 30% of positive MRSA which is spread by contact. So, you could get MRSA by touching another person who has it on the skin. Or you could get it by touching objects that have the bacteria on them. MRSA is carried by about 2% of the population (or 2 in 100 people), although most of them aren't infected.

    To prevent these follow the instructions bellow:

    -Use 5 days doxy 100mg before surgery every 12 hours
    -Use Bactrim for 5 days before surgery
    -Use Bactobram for 5 days before surgery every 12 hours
    -Use Biotin Mounth Wash every day
    -Shower yourself with clorexidin soap for 5 days before surgery

    Be safe, love, Dr. Medina 
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