Medina's Tip of the day!


Medina's Tip of the day!
What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?
This procedure is performed through small incisions, through which suction cannulae are introduced to remove excess fat. The patient is then subjected to a preparation for later be injected into the buttock area. The great advantage of this technique is that there is no risk of rejection because tissue is proper. It offers a more natural look of the buttocks and it has a quick postoperative recovery process. Oh, and a very important fact, is more economical than the gluteal prosthesis.
Among the disadvantages we can mention, is that to do this procedure you must have certain amount of fatty tissue, so very thin women do not qualify for it. Of the injected amount of fat only remains a percentage of about 40 to 70 percent. Risk of infection that minimizes when you followed your plastic surgeon instructions.
Now we can have the butt we want, but remember there are two important things in order to succeed in this procedure, first the procedure must be realized by a certified plastic surgeon and second follow the post-surgery instruction extrictly.
Love, Dr. Medina 
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