Medina's Tip of the day!


Medina's Tip of the day!

Mommy Makeover after care Tips!

First of all, if your weight is more than 170 pounds, is better to have your procedure in parts. First round, tummy tuck + liposuction and BBL, and then on a second round, breast lift with augmentation.

You must know that mommy makeover procedures include tummy tuck with liposuction and Brazilian butt lift + Breast lift with implants, which is the best way for you to change your whole closet, you will start to use different and skin tight clothes all the time! Remember to always use a t-shirt under your faja to protect your skin from burns. Also use your Biafine cream on your scars to help them to heal better, faster and sooner!

If you decide to go with liposuction with implants together, remember do not move your arms up, pull or push anything for at least 30 days. It is crucial that your implants settle perfectly during your procedure.
Use everyday your garment to make your body perfectly curved and remember to take a LOT of liquid!!

Love, Dr. Medina
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