Medina's Tip of the day!


Medina's Tip of the day!
Tummy tuck scar tattoos are bad? Myth or reality?
We must take into account that not all of us are the same after surgery or even before, our skin and healing process is always going to differ from others.
Many patients after a tummy tuck, undergo tattooing their scars. That can be done for many reasons and always depend on each patient's decision. You can do it because you want to hide the long scar or because you just like it, I think is beautiful, a couple of roses can look nice!
Remember that your surgeon have to tell you WHEN is a GOOD time to do it, always follow your surgeon recommendations and advice's.. Because if you do it before the time required, you can damage your results that can also be showed after at list 6 months from surgery.
With some beautiful and artistic designs, you can cover up your scar, if you do not like it, this can help you feel better.
Here's a beautiful example that I just found, be happy!
Love, Dr. Medina 
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