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Wound after care tips!
Always use your compression garment after surgery, apply the extra compression told by your surgeon to make pressure required to release the tension on the incision and reduce swelling.
Use sterilized gauze to protect your incision of any infection or complication during healing process. Also, you have to secure the gauze with medical tape to protect it.
After a month, you can start using Silicone Sheets. They’re the best to reduce the pain and itching while they smooth and flatten your tummy tuck scar.
Then, you can use Vitamin E oils, Rose Hip and Cocoa Butter too, they can be used to promote healing and clarifying the scar tissue. This products has to be used when the tummy tuck scar is completely closed.
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DO NOT, touch your incision without washing your hands before, remember that everything is considered a contamination to your incision! Keep this in mind and always wash your incision with medical soap and sterilized gauze.

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