Medina's Tip of the day!


Medina's Tip of the day!
Why is so important to drink water after surgery?
Water is one of the main components of life. Essential to the point where it is said that wars were to become oil, power and territory battles water shortage. For us it is so important that makes up more than half of the elements of the human body, essential for life to the point that it is impossible to survive and a few days without this precious liquid.
Blood contains cells that make up the solid part and plasma which is the liquid part, its function is to carry oxygen and elements that initiate healing processes to other organs of the body. If we want a good healing to have a good amount of water it would be essential.
Most important in that after a facelift, especially liposuction, hopefully decreasing elements such as hemoglobin that transport oxygen as well as the volume of liquid needed to maintain good blood flow to reach the whole body , so water intake becomes imperative to maintain flow into the bloodstream. With good oxygenation promotes healing, no weakness or dizziness, that's the most important thing.
Love, Dr. Medina
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