Medina's tip of the day!


Medina's tip of the day!
I want to look like my wish picture, can I ?
I have to say that every body is different, our measurements, bone structure, and also shape is different from another person, your surgeon can improve your body with a really good work, letting you know that he/her can never promise a specific result, because everybody has a different body shape, but your surgeon always can do it's best in each patient.
Also you have to know that inside your body, there's body fat that it cannot be removed with liposuction. It is better to have a safe and healthy surgery outcome, than bad results and a post-surgical complication after your surgery.
I recommend all my patients that came for surgery with a BMI *which is the proportion of height and weight, under than 33 in order to have better and nicer results.
Love, Dr. Medina
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