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What is a SEROMA and how can I prevent them to appear?

One of the most common postoperative problems after a cosmetic procedure are Seromas. Consisting in inflammatory fluid accumulation in a specific area, because there is a dead space between skin and adjacent tissues.

In Tummy Tucks the seroma occurs worldwide 5-10% of cases. And it is more common when drainage is removed before the time required that has to be removed. (It has to drain less than 50 cc in 24 hours for 48 consecutive hours to be removed) and if the patient don’t use the compression needed after surgery (because that increases dead space).
To reduce the risk of Seroma, the drainage must remove in the required time, use your Faja 24 hours a day for 3 months or the time your doctor tells you (if the patient is from another country, has to stay with the drain and keep using the Faja the time required by the doctor in the country you’ve done surgery). It is important to the patient to have the drain removed by the doctor who had performed surgery.

After removing the drainage, the patient has to wear the Faja for two consecutive days to decrease the dead space, remember that your skin was detached from the deeper tissue, don’t get massages for 10 days to prevent the skin blisters and always keep a close relationship with your doctor.

The Seroma is not a major problem, it is important to drain the liquid in time to prevent this from ruining their aesthetic results, because if this is not drained a capsule is formed around (pseudobursa) it will look like a bulge in the area that requires subsequent surgical procedure for correction.

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