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Why do I have to have a blood transfusion? Why are they administrated in some patients after surgery? What are the risks of NOT having a blood transfusion when is required? A blood transfusion is usually done as a lifesaving to replace blood cells or blood products lost through severe bleeding, during surgery when blood loss occurs or to increase the blood count in an anemic patient too. This is very important for you to know, this process is 911 after surgery when the patient has low hemoglobin. The symptoms are severe headache, fever, weakness, instability and pass-outs. Actually we can feel very sick, is like anemia, but even worse. Blood transfusions are performed after surgery when a patient (after all the lipo) and also depending on patient's bleeding process during the liposuction, because some patient's bleed more than others in the OR, that's why also when we have our hemoglobin levels on range before surgery, they can drop very easily along with the liposuction. If a patient has the hemoglobin levels less than 9.0, immediately a blood transfusion is needed. 911. When our bodies have had lost so many red blood cells, and at the same time, our body is not getting enough oxygen, we run the risk of damaging our vital organs such as the brain or heart. Blood transfusions are extremely necessary to prevent such damage, which can cause serious injury, permanent handicap or death. Your surgeon will recommend you to have a 911 blood transfusion if your hemoglobin levels have dropped after surgery. This can happen because of excessive bleeding on surgery, and also depends on each body. Remember "Safety First" Be healthy, Be Fine, Dr. Medina
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