Medical tourism for cosmetic surgeries...the boom continues


By now, it is well known that medical tourism occupies a good chunk of the tourism industry. Studies only reiterate this phenomenon. As per the report by Transparency Market Research, this market is expected to rise at a staggering CAGR of 17.90% from 2013 to 2019 amassing to a value of US$32.5 bn by the end of the forecast period.
India too is widely benefiting from this surge, with close to one lakh foreigners coming here on medical visa in a matter of six months. And yes, cosmetic surgeries is one of the main draws too.
You have patients arriving not only from U.S and U.K, but also from Middle East countries, Afghanistan, South Africa and Nigeria, in search of a better deal.
So what's the trend and why do foreigners prefer our country to theirs when it comes to cosmetic procedures? Let's delve a little more into it...
Low cost
One of the key pulls towards cosmetic surgery in India is its low cost. These procedures are not covered by insurance in countries where any medical dealing is an immensely costly procedure. In Britain, those who want a breast augmentation surgery are set back by an extra US$1,500 thanks to the Value Added Tax applied to all cosmetic surgeries in recent years.
There is a great disparity in the cost with procedures such as lasers, Botox, skin surgeries like facelift and nose jobs. For instance, a tummy tuck that would approximately cost Rs 2 lakh here would cost about a hefty Rs 20 lakh in the U.S. Even if you add the flight charges, it will still comes a lot cheaper. In Korea, where a nose job and skin treatments that would cost around Rs 60000 to 70000 would cost around Rs 1-1.5 Lakh here.
Quality procedures
No matter how low the cost, nobody would want to put their health and beauty at risk. It is the assurance of quality that has kept up the trend of medical tourism. The doctors are very well qualified, with many having international experience. Even the machines used for various procedures are at par with global standards (in India European machines are widely used).
Then there is the added advantage of anonymity which becomes an important factor in cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentation, tummy tuck, nose jobs and the likes. Also, one can recuperate in peace without the disturbance of friends and families.
The complete package
These days there are several companies that offer the complete package that makes surgery feel like a vacation. You can come to India for a cosmetic surgery and get to indulge in a pampering resort-like atmosphere, heading back home completely recuperated and rejuvenated.

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