Not just manis and pedis


In broad terms, a spa is a place that performs health and beauty services for clients. People go to spas for therapeutic or sports massages, fancy manicures and pedicures, or for laser hair removal.

But a medical spa is something very specific. As an example, either a beauty salon or a medical spa can do laser hair removal. But a medical spa has a doctor on staff and will use a medical grade laser, which only a doctor can buy. Unlike the equipment routinely used at a beauty salon, a medical grade laser is approved by the Canadian Standards Association and comes with regular service and staff training.

Another difference between a generic spa and a medical spa is that the latter employs physicians and nurses. So patients can see a medical doctor even if they’re not undergoing surgery and they can rest assured that dedicated and responsible professionals are present in case something were to go wrong.

Don’t stop going to your local nail bar for your manicures. And you can always get a relaxing massage at your sports club. But when it comes to effective creams for your skin or powerful lasers for hair removal, the spa you patronize should have credentials to give you confidence.

“You want to go and get pampered, you go to a regular spa,” says Dr. Robert Sleightholm, director of the Brampton Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa. “But if you want to get results from treatment, you go to a medical spa.”

Article by
Brampton Plastic Surgeon