Man vs. Age: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


Guys tend to fall into a few camps when it comes to physical appearance, but here’s what I can tell you: The average professional man is going to eventually look in the mirror and find something that’s changed... and not for the better. I’m here to tell you that it’s okay — perfectly normal — and to give you an inside look at what other men are doing about it.

1. Neck & Chin
You’re older. You’ve got wrinkles, sun damage, graying hair — and paradoxically, these make some of us look better, maybe even more masculine. But when that wrinkled neck makes its appearance under the white collar, it’s where a lot of men draw the line. Likewise when you lose jawline definition (or never had it in the first place) or develop a double chin. Treatment of the neck depends on how severe your wrinkles are as well as skin laxity. Your options include nonsurgical skin tightening or a surgical neck lift. For the double chin, there’s Kybella or liposuction; for definition there are chin implants and injectable fillers.

2. Brow & Eyes
As I already mentioned, guys tend to have an advantage over our fairer counterparts with appearance and aging. But we’re not immune, especially when it comes to the brow and the eyes. If the brow gets heavy or the eyelids fall, you don’t look handsome; you look grumpy, tired, and old. The good news here is that for most of us there’s a pretty simple fix: Botox, which can be used to open the eyes and make you look alert and rested. In some cases, a brow lift or an eye lift may be necessary.

3. Body Fat
I’m also part of this burgeoning male demographic and I’ll admit, I don’t like or want love handles. And I know it’s not just me. Every year the plastic surgery associations report that liposuction is one of the most popular surgical procedures for men. And if you don’t want surgery, there’s always CoolSculpting, the next best (maybe even better) thing.


Quick Fix: "Brotox" with or without filler

Most popular:
  • Injectables/Implants for a stronger chin/jawline
  • Botox, fillers to look rested and youthful
  • CoolSculpting for love handles
  • Facelift/nNck lift 
Biggest male concern: Looking natural, not done.

Best advice: Find a doctor you can trust to not feminize the face. A really good doctor will deliver natural results and maintain a masculine appearance too.
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