Male Cosmetic Surgery 2013


Male cosmetic surgery Richard O. Gregory, M.D.

According to the statistics gathered by the American Society for aesthetic plastic surgery (ASAPS) the percentage of men having cosmetic surgery has remained about 10% for years. This is curious in that one would expect that as men discovered the advantages of looking younger they would be more inclined to have surgery or treatment. Indeed there is a trend for this to happen but as the cosmetic treatments increase overall the percentage remains approximately the same for male cosmetic surgery. Men generally opt for certain procedures. The most common male cosmetic surgery according to the statistics is the liposuction. This constitutes approximately 30% of male cosmetic surgery. Second most common is the eyelids. When considering nonsurgical options again Botox tops the list. Filler material such as Juvederm and Restylane is close behind. As the population in general ages men are living longer, especially after retirement and want to enjoy their leisure years. Although women to a large extent have been brought up to appreciate the importance of looking good, men are playing catch up. Certainly as our lady companions are looking even more beautiful in their more mature roles, we men will sense a surge of pleasure, knowing that we will look better, even if we continue to look out shined by the fairer sex.
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