Why I Love the MonaLisa Touch - Patient Testimonial


The MonaLisa Touch, a new treatment for the symptoms of menopause, has been gaining much attention in the news and on-line. What patients are saying is “It’s life-changing”. One particular patient is so happy with the results she is willing to share her experience with you.
How did you hear about the MonaLisa Touch?My Primary Care physician referred me to Dr. Karny Jacoby for another medical condition. I asked her about the symptoms I was having, painful intercourse, itching and burning. She told me about the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment and how it could resolve my symptoms. It was basically a mini consultation. I also researched it on-line and read about it.
What were your indications or symptoms?I am a 62-year-old woman 10 years post menopause. Intercourse was painful, and I was experiencing itching and burning. The itching was present all the time.

What convinced you this was your best option? I haven’t used estrogen my entire life, never been on birth-control pills and don’t use prescription medications. I only use natural remedies. I tried naturopathic estrogen and didn’t like the symptoms I was having such as feeling very emotional like I experienced during menopause. I am concerned about long-term effects of using estrogen and its link to cancer. The MonaLisa Touch offered a non-hormonal, natural treatment needed only once per year for maintenance after your initial treatments.
Describe your experience and the results from your first MonaLisa Touch treatment? I had trepidation going in and didn’t know what to expect. I was surprised and relieved that it took only 5 minutes and basically had the same type of pain or discomfort I would experience during regular intercourse. Dr. Jacoby inserted a probe that was rotated and slowly inserted deeper. It was sort of a gripping and pinching feeling. Following the procedure I had 1.5 hours of soreness, or the same uncomfortable feeling I had following intercourse. I noticed a difference after the very first treatment and the itching went away!
Second Treatment? It was the same as the first MonaLisa Touch treatment except I had her treat the outside skin where I experienced irritation and itching. This area is very sensitive so it took a few hours for the feeling to go away. The acidity from urinating hurts following treatment so I just had to be careful, otherwise it was the same. Following the second treatment I had no more pain during intercourse.
Third Treatment? 100%
What other types of elective or cosmetic treatments have you done? I don’t do any other treatments for aesthetic purposes. I like what the MonaLisa offers; no long-term side effects or hormones.
Would you recommend the MonaLisa Touch to your friends? Yes, and I have recommended it my friends already.
What was your husband’s reaction?I did share with my husband the new MonaLisa Touch laser treatment and he was very supportive with my decision.
How are your symptoms now? My symptoms have been completely resolved and I’ve returned to normal intimacy.
What do you think of your physician, Dr. Karny Jacoby? She’s great! I’d describe her as being forward thinking and looking to the future for better science and healthcare. She is ahead of our time. She is willing to listen to what her patients are experiencing and takes the time to do research and find solutions. She’s willing to truly help people.
What did you think of the Bedroom Basics Event you attended in May?Great. I thought the sex therapist presented very appropriate information in a professional way that fit the needs of the audience. Most of the woman that attended were menopausal and could relate. Dr. Jacoby’s presentation on the MonaLisa Touch was very informative and there was a lot of interest.
Like cosmetic treatments, some women say that the MonaLisa Touch is expensive. What do you think? I look at it as an investment in my well-being. That in itself is what we are all searching for in life - well-being. This treatment allows you to have that sense of well being, it doesn’t cause cancer and is well worth the expense. The ring for example is $250 for 3 months of treatment and HRT’s are even more than that. After the initial treatments are completed, the MonaLisa Touch’s annual touch-up costs less than the ring does on an annual basis. If woman were willing to pay for expensive cosmetic treatments, why wouldn’t they want to invest in the MonaLisa Touch? I would forfeit getting manicures to get the MonaLisa Touch. An investment in your body that solves intimacy issues is totally worth the expense.

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