Losing Your Hair?


Often there is a predictable path patients take when losing their hair. It starts with the observation of thinning hair. Patients become concerned about aging and losing their hair so they begin to research hair replacement therapy. This usually leads to trying out Propecia or Rogaine. These products are good for the back of the head but the hair in the front continues to thin and fall out.
After a few months of Rogaine and Propecia patients start to look for other options. They may have seen one of the many infomercials on hair transplant. They have usually researched procedures on the Internet. Many have watched videos and went on forums to get more information. Some may try non-operative treatments like wigs, cover-up or a laser comb. Sound familiar?
For most people that’s as far as they go. For some reason that I have not fully figured out, there is a fear or hesitation about having surgical intervention to combat hair loss. Losing your hair is very traumatic, especially at a young age. It affects your confidence and can be emotionally upsetting. But people are reluctant to get a surgical consultation to explore their options.
Surgical hair transplantation is the ONLY permanent solution to hair loss. The procedure is straight forward, the recovery quick and pain free and the results are reliable. There is nothing to fear and only hair to gain. It’s time take control of your situation and put aside worries about having a hair transplant. 
Article by
Atlantic City Plastic Surgeon