The Liquid Chin: Projection to Perfection


“Chin Up” has multiple meanings: 

  1. To keep a positive attitude.
  2. A variation on the pull up that uses an underhanded grip.
  3. A literal repositioning of the chin by aesthetic means.

Most of us know and use this phrase to give someone emotional support and encouragement. Hey, don’t let it get you down… Keep your chin up! And then there’s the strength training “chin up” we remember from high school gym class. Both of these share a common characteristic: To succeed with each requires mental toughness and the will to not give up.

Words are one thing; brute strength is another. As for me, I’m in the business of literally being able to put your chin up. Simple. No surgery required. We’re talking the physical face. Your chin. And even just the slightest tweak can put yours into better proportion with the rest of the face.

Beauty Is a Science 

Call it the Golden Ratio, the pattern of perfection, the Fibonacci sequence, there is a science to beauty. These can be used to explain the “perfection” of everything from the aesthetics of the human face to those of a sunflower or seashell. The size, shape and projection of the chin (and nose) determine how well proportioned, or balanced, yours is. And the difference between the imperfect and ideal is typically subtle. 

The Liquid Chin

Enter the Liquid Chin: My version of the chin up. Using dermal fillers, I can literally put your chin up into a position and projection that creates better balance and definition with the overall face. Because this is an injectable treatment, results are immediate. The Liquid Chin also a great way to preview, or “try on,” a more permanent chin augmentation option with facial implants. 

Article by
Shrewsbury Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon