Lipotransference Prohibited Areas


Nowadays, most women consult a plastic surgeon wishing for round and voluminous buttocks; also those who doesn’t have thick and shapely legs, request for it.
The solution: lipotransference.
This technique of mobilization of body fat is not new, reaches its aesthetic presentation in the late 80s, and his boom now wants to seek the coveted "brazilian butt". Till here there’s no problem. When the patient request augmenting internal thighs, BE CAREFUL, RESTRICTED AREA! Many surgeons could make the mistake of trying to increase this area. From the groin to the tibial plateau, in these area is the Hesselbach's triangle, were are located major large vessels supply to the lower limbs; risks of fat embolism and pulmonary embolism are very high and may lead the patient to fatal outcomes with a high mortality rate.
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon