What Makes Liposuction Safe?


What makes Liposuction safe?
by George W. Commons, M.D. Plastic Surgery Center

     Patients consulting with me for liposuction consideration invariably express fears about safety.   Is Liposuction safe?   Can liposuction be done safely over and over for many years?   The answer is yes it is safe and can be done safely for an entire surgery career without a mishap.   I have operated on over 3600 patients for liposuction, 16,000 areas,  over 5000 lbs of fat removed, over 28 years,  and never a mishap.  No deaths, no emergency admits to Stanford or other hospitals, no infections that required hospitalization, no MSRA resistant infections, only many many beautiful results.   Other fine plastic surgeons across the USA and world have similar records.  Surgeons who care, are skilled, and who prioritize safety have happy and healthy patients life long.   Bruce Halperin, MD and I wrote many articles on safety and have taught safety in liposuction for over 25 years.   We have identified the FIVE PILLARS OF SAFE LIPOSUCTION.

     The 5 Pillars of Safe Liposuction include:

1. A safe surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery who is also a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.   A real surgeon who has major hospital privileges to do the same procedures both as outpatient and as inpatients in the major hospital's Operating Room.   A surgeon who is Certified by a Board recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.   Study credentials carefully.

2.  A safe MD anesthesiologist that is in attendance at every single surgery and keeps you comfortable and safe.

3.  A Certified Operating Facility Certified by QUAD A  or equivalent with contracts to local hospitals.  Our Facility is Quad A certified and approved by Stanford University School of Medicine for Stanford's own use.

4.  Safe, healthy, patients who are  ASA1 anesthesia risks and understand and want the procedure and are willing to work hand in hand with the surgeon for a perfect result.

5.  A safe, efficient, licensed staff of secretaries, nurses, and technicians who are ever vigilant regarding your happiness and safety.

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