Learn about MemoryShape™ Breast Implants


MemoryShape™ breast implants are designed to establish the most natural breast silhouette using silicone gel-filled breast implants. Unlike more traditional “round” breast implants, MemoryShape™ breast implants are shaped to look like a natural breast. These implants therefore are often referred to as “tear drop” breast implants because of their unique form. 

The advanced design of MemoryShape™ breast implants improves dramatically over previously available breast implant designs. The most significant advancement involves the characteristics of the silicone gel used in these breast implants. The gel material is a highly linked form of silicone that allows the breast implant to maintain its tear drop contour. Additionally, the gel material is very soft and the feel of the breast after augmentation is also quite natural.

This ability to maintain its shape allows the breast implant to contour the breast into a beautiful figure. Because of this  trait, these implants are often referred to as contour profile gel (CPG) or simply as “gummy bear” implants.

Another design breakthrough is the outer silicone shell material. The outer lining on Mentor’s MemoryShape™ breast implants has a unique design which allows the breast implant to develop less inflammation. This leads to less seroma fluid formation and better tissue ingrowth that are keys in reducing the risk of  future capsular contracture. All Mentor implants are made in the USA. For more  information about these and other FDA approved breast implants, please visit us in our Scottsdale office.

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