Latest twin study shows real impact of smoking on skin ageing


Research published in the Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery has given more insight into the impact of smoking on skin ageing. 70 pairs of identical twins were photographed and Plastic Surgeons asked to analyse the photos without knowing which twin smoked. In the majority of cases the twin that smoked was easily identified. The free radicals present in cigarette smoke damage the skin’s collagen and reduce its elasticity resulting in sagging and wrinkled skin.The smokers had larger bags under their eyes, wrinkling of the lips and sagging jowls. The effect of smoking was found to be most prominent in the lower half of the face.

Treatment options:-

1. Eyelid surgery blepharoplasty can remove the “hooded” or droopy appearance in the upper lids and reduce the puffy bags that form below your eyes.

2. Dermal Fillers can soften smokers lines around the mouth.

3. There are several facelifting techniques that can address the sagging jawline and folds of skin that gather around the face and neck. “Smoking can take up to 10 years off a person’s life, while adding 10 years to their looks!”


Article by
London Plastic Surgeon