Kybella® - Eliminate Your Double Chin Without Surgery


Prior to the recent approval of Kybella® by the FDA, eliminating a double chin meant liposuction and invasive surgery. Not any more!

Kythera Biopharmaceuticals received FDA approval in April 2015, for its new product, Kybella®. This is a deoxycholic acid which is a “bile acid”. When injected into the fat below the chin, it helps destroy fat cells.

Kybella® is a bit more complex than neurotoxins or dermal fillers. It requires a series of injections, for optimal results.

Kybella® will address the double chin fat but not skin or muscle laxity. It is not FDA approved for use elsewhere on the face or body.

How does Kybella® compare to liposuction or surgery?

Kybella® can be injected into the fat under the chin in the doctor’s office. There is unlikely to be any “down time”. Its effect may last for a few years.

Liposuction offers a more customized treatment and is more predictable in contouring the fat. It also offers gratifying results when swelling from surgery subsides.

Surgical procedures have the advantage of removing the fat of the double chin, tightening the neck muscles and tightening any loose neck skin. The trade off of surgery is the need for an anesthetic and a few weeks for recovery.

Kybella® may “do” for double chins, what Botox® did for facial lines.

This is an exciting option for those patients who are concerned about having surgery and for surgeons who are excited to offer an additional less invasive procedure for unwanted fat under the chin.
Article by
Beachwood Plastic Surgeon