5 Keys to Rhinoplasty Success


Rhinoplasty - or otherwise referred to as a nose job - is a common plastic surgery procedure that delivers remarkable benefits. Dr. Ali Adibfar has performed countless rhinoplasty procedures on patients across Toronto and Canada. As a trusted Toronto plastic surgeon, he works with patients who are typically unhappy with their facial appearance and are looking for a change. Often times, rhinoplasty is selected to address their concerns. And the benefits are plenty.

The most obvious benefit of rhinoplasty is a renewed feeling of self-confidence. Plastic surgery patients from across Canada who have worked with Dr. Adibfar are left with a more symmetrical and harmonized nose, which has given them confidence in their appearance. It's important to note that it has been found, time and time again, that symmetry in the face correlates to the aesthetic appeal of a man or woman.

Whether a patient is concerned with the symmetry, size or shape of their nose, a rhinoplasty procedure performed by one of Toronto's best plastic surgeons can deliver life-changing results.

Aside from benefits to a person's appearance, rhinoplasty can help address breathing difficulties, cartilage deviation or nasal asymmetry that can impact a person's airway circulatory system.

Many Toronto patients of Dr. Adibfar ask what it takes to deliver exceptional results through rhinoplasty. Let's take a closer look at some of the key plastic surgery principles Dr. Adibfar follows when performing rhinoplasty procedures at his Yorkville, Toronto medical spa.

Your Rhinoplasty Transformation

The nose is very dynamic and needs to be approached with the utmost care. That's why Dr. Adibfar spends countless hours every year perfecting his skills, improving his processes and learning about the latest in plastic surgery advancements.
There are a few principles that Dr. Adibfar and his Toronto patients must keep in mind as they move through the rhinoplasty experience.

1. Planning is critical to success
: In order to deliver beautiful results, Dr. Adibfar and his talented Toronto plastic surgery team have developed a structured planning process. This includes a very detailed consultation that provides the opportunity for Dr. Adibfar and the patient to identify and agree on the needs, goals and expectations of the rhinoplasty procedure. Through conversation, consultation notes, photographs and a complete review of a patient's unique features, Dr. Adibfar follows a step-by-step planning process to ensure the procedure delivers results and meets expectations. It also helps the patient become comfortable with the process and their plastic surgery team.

2. Perfect results can't be expected
: While Dr. Adibfar and his team do everything in their power to deliver amazing results, realistic expectations should be set. A person's nasal features, recovery process and unique facial architecture will have an impact on the final result. While Dr. Adibfar strives for perfection, he understands there are certain limitations that not even the best skill can overcome. That's why he educates his clients and has realistic conversations about what they can expect. No client should be disappointed with his or her experience.

3. Uniqueness defines you and the rhinoplasty procedure
: Each patient who opts to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure is unique. Everything from a person's tissue characteristics, nasal architecture, cartilage, skin thickness and facial structure will have an impact on the procedure. Recognizing this uniqueness and planning appropriately is a key part of the consultation process. Dr. Adibfar takes a personalized and intimate approach to each client to ensure the procedure is aligned with expectations and their individuality.

4. Post-operative care is very important
: Swelling, scar tissue and shifting of cartilage are changes that can have an impact on the nose following a rhinoplasty. Some of these changes will naturally resolve themselves. Others may require minor revision surgery.

Dr. Adibfar firmly believes that educating a client on these post-operative changes is critical to building a trusting and comfortable relationship. As a board-certified and trusted Toronto plastic surgeon, Dr. Adibfar is able to appropriately identify, plan for and react to any changes that might occur after a rhinoplasty procedure.

This attention to detail, experience and knowledge is what makes a plastic surgeon great. It also directly contributes to the final result.

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