Juvederm....the miracle filler in plastic surgery


Juvederm.....the miracle filler  in plastic surgery

Juvederm, a miracle filler in a plastic surgery practice.
What is a filler and why do we need fillers. As we have the great privilege of aging we notice wrinkles and frowns, and hollow chins, and thins lips and sagging brows. And a lot more can be added. Fat is lost as a normal process of aging. There have been many fillers over the years but Juvederm by Allergen is the very best. Where can we use Juverderm?
1. Correction of thin lips and back to normal or larger if you desire.
2. Correction of sagging brows
3. Correction of hollow cheeks.
4. Correction of earlobes
5. Correction of sunken hands. 650.328.4570.
6. Correction of cheek bone areas.
7. Improving and correction of chin and jaw line.
8. Correction of congenital deformity and deficits from injury.
9. Correction of deficient nose, collapsed bridge, Asian nose.
To mention a prominent few.
Juvederm is wonderful. There is xylocaine in the product to ease the pain.
At times blocks or Emma cream help as does ice to make the procedure near pain free.
The greatest filler of all……Juvederm
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