Indications for Labiaplasty


Labiaplasty surgery is becoming a very popular aesthetic procedure worldwide. There are many reasons that patients seek to have this surgery performed. Labiaplasty can be performed to remove the excess labia minora tissue under local anesthesia in the office procedure room setting. There are multiple methods to perform this procedure with the two most common methods being the Wedge Resection Technique and the Edge Removal (Amputation) Technique. Common reasons to have a labiaplasty include:

Dyspareunia: Pain with sexual intercourse

Problems in clothing: Women will report a bulge in tight fitting clothing such
as yoga pants or bathing suits that they are self conscious about.

Discomfort with exercise: Women will report discomfort when performing exercises such as running or bicycling where the labia rub against one another leading to irritation.

Aesthetic Reasons: Many women are self conscious simply about the way that their external vaginal area looks and do not like the excess tissue that is protruding out.

Asymmetry of Labia: Women can have asymmetry of the labia where on side is much larger than the other.

Following labiaplasty, patients report a very high level of satisfaction and typically would recommend the procedure to others considering it.
Article by
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon