Immediately Results After a Plastic Surgery


Indiscipline and excesses leave their stamp on the body: sagging, body fat located in various areas extremely difficult to treat and reduce. Then you think about the solution: “I'm going to get surgery”. Years of excess, probable pregnancy, weight gain and loss, stretch marks on their abdomen, cellulite, and all this mixture of ingredients is what lead us.
When performing a surgical procedure to correct these imperfections you should wait a period to see the results, and this time varies between 2 and 6 months, not before. To pretend to get the idealized results immediately, it may not be possible. I always say, endlessly, whilst the person is in the ideal weight, the better the results. You may have to get surgery again to achieve the desired results and the mission of the doctor is to honestly explain the reality and not create false expectations.
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon