HDLipo / LipoHD / Ab Etching


Trending Plastic surgeries nowadays is the HD Lipo and buttock augmentation with fat or implants (NEVER WITH BIOPOLYMERS). I have shown in previous post my opposition to the HD Lipo or as I call it a "botched lipo", which after performed has no way to regularize or normalize the treated area.Unlike the other techniques mentioned (Silicon or Biopolymers Injected by NON Plastic Surgeons) buttock augmentation with fat or silicone implants are reversible; if it happens to get out of fashion the material in the case of the implants are removed, and the bbl with liposuction is return to its previous status; with lipoHD this is not possible. Patients undergoing to buttock augmentation with fat (bbl) because of its small development, hardly even getting out fashion want to go back to its previous status, but with the abdominal etching or LipoHD if you can gain weight or simply get tired of the design, you can not return to its previous status of a regular abdomen.The HDLipo is reserved to men and women who are used to go to gym and had developed their abdominal muscles, but whom also had localized fat deposits at their abdominal area that doesn’t allows them to achieve their abdominal goals with exercise; this HDLipo marks the muscles that has been already develop may not created artificial with fat deposits marked as squares, framed by fibrotic pronounced grooves that permanently deform the abdomen.

You want to have a six-pack, abdominal etching or a marked abdomen? Start exercising to achieve them and after undergo into a HDLipo to remove the fat deposits.
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