3 Must-Haves in a Liposuction Surgeon


Liposuction's popularity should not be taken as an indication that it’s a simple procedure. In reality, lipo requires a high level of expertise to achieve an optimal outcome. When considering lipo, make sure your surgeon meets these three must-have requirements so you can count on the highest level of patient safety as well as enjoy the best possible results.
1. Board Certification in Plastic Surgery These days, just being "board certified" isn’t enough. You may see doctors trained in other specialties practicing lipo without certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS). Look for a plastic surgery board certification from the ABPS, and you can rest assured that your physician is eminently qualified to sculpt your contours.
2. Comprehensive Consultation Your consultation is your opportunity to ask important liposuction questions and get real answers. The best plastic surgeons will provide you with the vital information you need about your procedure and take time to set you at ease. Your consultation should never feel hurried or leave you with a long list of unanswered concerns. If you surgeon doesn’t make time for you, find another surgeon instead.
3. Extensive Liposuction Experience Expert liposuction technique only comes with plenty of practice. There is no substitute for extensive surgical skill, which combines the right training with years of experience. Ask your surgeon both how often and for how many years he or she has been performing liposuction. The difference between long-term lipo satisfaction and the potential for revision surgery is often directly linked to the amount of liposuction experience on your surgeon's record.
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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon