Hairline Lowering


Look at celebrity Kim Kardashian and you see the ideal hairline. Her hair frames her face perfectly, no matter what style she selects. She is among the fortunate few. Other women struggle with too-high hairlines that distract from their facial beauty. Many women have a large forehead secondary to a congenitally high hairline; some women found themselves with a too- high hairline after cosmetic surgery. A high hairline can give women a balding, masculine appearance, so they spend a lot of time and money finding ways to style their hair in a way that disguises the high forehead and gives them their desired look.

A new hairline lowering procedure has been developed to bring the proportions of the face into balance. The hairline lowering can be performed as an isolated procedure or at the same time as the hairline forehead/brow lift. With this technique, an incision is made within the fine hairs of the hairline and the scalp brought forward. The appropriate amount of bald forehead skin below the existing hairline is removed. Hair follicles are buried under the skin closure at the completion of the operation, so hair will grow through and in front of that line, giving patients total freedom of hairstyling.

This hairline lowering technique is used to enhance or maintain facial proportion and beauty

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon