What's the best garment, Buttocks covered, or out?


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What's the best garment, Buttocks covered, or out?

I always recommend my patients to wear buttock in garments, because they protect, give shape and lift more your buttocks after a Brazilian butt lift. Remember to always use your pillow to protect the amount of injected fat. after surgery.

It is important that you always ask your surgeon what's the best way to put your garment, amount of compression and level of tightness.. Because your body is going to get through a lot from surgery, so you will need to protect your new figure

Buttock covered compression garments will remodel your tissue, not compress and remove swelling. They will fit snugly,but they cannot be tight because this could result in damage to the grafted fat cells. So the part that is covering your buttocks, has to be soft, not tight.

Love, Dr. Medina
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