Full Mouth Restoration



What is a full mouth restoration?

  A Full mouth restoration, Full mouth reconstruction or Full mouth rehabilitation  is literally that, rebuilding and or repairing an entire mouth. This could mean repairing or replacing some of the teeth, or replacing and repairing all of the teeth.

Who Needs a Full mouth restoration?

Generally, people who have had issues with their teeth such as:

People who have lost of some or many teeth due to tooth decay or some type of trauma

People that have Teeth that have been damaged or broken for a variety of reasons.

People whose teeth have worn down overtime from heavy teeth grinding

People who have ongoing pain in the jaw or headache pain that can be attributed to a poor bite.


What exactly is involved in Full mouth restoration?

First, the dentist will determine what the best procedure is for the restoration of the teeth. Missing teeth may be replaced with bridges or dental implants. Broken teeth may be repaired with Porcelain crowns and/or Porcelain onlays. Front teeth that are damaged or fractured can be repaired with Porcelain Veneers.


The dentist will then evaluate the condition of the gum tissue and supporting bone structure to determine the patients overall periodontal health. Like building a house, you have to have a good foundation before you build it. The gum and bone tissue have to be healthy before a full mouth restoration can take place. The dentist may refer the patient to a gum specialist if work needs to be done to get the gums to a healthy condition.

The Jaw joint, jaw muscles and bite are then evaluated to be sure that the bite is normal, and not in a position that could later on damage the full mouth restoration. If there is a problem with the bite, changes will need to be made which could include the use of Orthodontics or an Orthotic to stabilize the bite.

Finally, the dentist will evaluate the shape, size, color and esthetics of the teeth in relationship to the patient’s facial proportions, skin tone and desires for an esthetically pleasing result.

After the dentist has taken the necessary models, photographs, and other relevant information, they will develop a treatment plan for the patient’s full mouth restoration. This may include referrals to other dental specialists.


How long does a Full Mouth Restoration take?

A Full Mouth Restoration can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months or longer, depending upon the severity of the damage to the teeth and gums. Some or all of the following procedures will be necessary:


How much does Full Mouth Restoration cost?


The cost of a Full Mouth restoration can vary greatly. Generally, you can expect anywhere from $900- $1800 per tooth not including all of the work done by other specialists including surgery. Thus costs can range anywhere from $30,000 to $50,000 or higher, depending on what has to be done.

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