Looking for a Refresh? Think Eye Lifts this Summer


They don’t call them the windows to the soul for nothing. Your eyes have an uncanny way of communicating all kinds of messages, without having to say a single word. In our youth, we can demonstrate feelings of excitement, love, happiness and more with a mere glance. As we age, however, the skin and tissue around the eyes can change. Excess skin can droop and leave you looking tired, unhappy or angry when you’re anything but. When you find a long look in the mirror no longer reflects those visual cues, it may be time to seek out a solution.

An eye lift (blepharoplasty) is an extremely intricate procedure that can produce some really amazing results. By surgically correcting folds from sagging skin and puffiness from excess fat deposits, you can expect to look rested, alert and more youthful.

Once you decide that an eye lift might be your rejuvenation solution, the next question is all about timing. It’s true that we tend to see a decline in surgical patients during the summer months, but when it comes to eye lifts, there couldn’t be a better time to have the procedure. The key to eye lift recovery is dark sunglasses and sun protection—what we should be practicing daily this summer anyway!

Is an eye lift for everyone? No, of course not. In some cases, laser skin tightening or Botox can be used to refresh the eye area, but these options area generally reserved for those patients who have only minimal skin laxity.

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Shrewsbury Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon