Facts vs. Myths for Transaxillary Breast Implant Surgery


Facts vs. Myths for Transaxillary or Armpit Incision Breast Implant Surgery 90% of Dr. Adrian Lo's Patients Choose Transaxillary (armpit incision) Breast Implant Surgery

Philadelphia, PA (PRWEB) April 26, 2017

With summer around the corner, breast implant surgery or breast augmentation surgery is a popular procedure for many women to get ready for bikini season. Did you know that there were 290,467 breast augmentation procedures performed in 2016, which is an increase of 4% from 2015? (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) Did you know that there are different incisions for breast augmentation or breast implant surgery?

A very popular incision in our practice is the transaxillary or armpit incision. Over 90% of our breast implant patients choose to have the this incision and are happy they did as they have NO SCAR on their breast!

“Many women come into our office confused about their choices. Often, they express concerns after meeting with other surgeons who do not perform the armpit cut for breast implant surgery. I find that after spending time with women and discussing their options, most women choose the armpit cut as they realize that they is a safe way to have breast augmentation without leaving a scar on their breast”

MYTH: The armpit approach has more complications than other incisions.

FACT: When done properly by a trained breast augmentation surgeon, the transaxillary (armpit) incision does not have more complications than other incisions.  Your nipple sensation should be preserved and you should not lose feeling.

FACT: There are no scars on the breast area with the transaxillary incision. Traditional cuts such as the crease(underneath the breast) and periareolar(around the nipple) can leave bad visible scars on the breast which is often upsetting to the woman having a cosmetic procedure.

FACT: The armpit scar heals beautifully and you can wear any clothes you desire, such as
bikinis, tank tops, and sleeveless dresses! Often times, the scars are barely visible or look like an armpit crease. Without scars on your breasts, it is often difficult to tell if you have breast implants.

FACT: It doesn't matter which incision you choose, the same precise pocket is used for the implant placement resulting in a natural cleavage. 

FACT: The transaxillary incision is not more painful than other incisions. There is less cutting of breast tissue. Pain would be similar to other incisions and is variable based upon patient tolerance.. Recovery is the same or quicker.

FACT: Implant exchanges and minor revisions can be done through the armpit.

FACT: Both saline or silicone implants can be placed through the transaxillary armpit incision.

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